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Our commitments

Who we are

The lottery


Some data…

10,500,735 XRD

delegated to Candlestake.


US dollar equivalent.


APY in the last 24h.


of Radix network uptime.

Our lottery prize

Expected prize: 361 XRD (1 winners with 360.8 XRD)

133.86062 XRD

Next draw on June 12, 2023, 00:00 UTC

Our main node

Our backup node

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Staking with us…

The following address is the Radix address of our validator node. To use our services, this is the one you will have to delegate your XRD to.


You can copy our address by clicking on it. Then go in your Radix wallet in the Stake & Unstake section, in the Stake Tokens tab. Paste our address in the Validator field, select the amount of XRD you want to delegate to us, click Stake and confirm. That's it!

Delegate responsibly. Read this official guide to learn some wisdom about delegating your stake on Radix.

We are committed to…


Our servers are DDOS-resistant, strong and redundant accross the world to ensure you always get the most out of your stake.

Low 2% fee

Half of our fee fund our lottery. The rest goes into maintaining, updating and securing our Radix nodes to provide you with the best.


We love Radix and believe in its future. Therefore, we will always provide the best to make Radix the first DeFi network in the world.


We have nothing to hide. You can always reach out to us on Twitter and Telegram. We will keep you up to date regarding everything.


You are the most important component of this project. Your feedback matters and you can express it via our social platforms.

We are…



I work as a machine learning engineer. I am used to manage servers with near 100% uptime and redundancy to constantly retrieve and accumulate data for our client base. Those skills greatly helped me setting up the service Amélie and I propose.
I am convinced DeFi will make the world a better place and I am thrilled to finally take action by physically supporting Radix, objectively the only DeFi network capable of handling the world's entire finance, and more!



I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I first got interested into cryptocurrencies in 2017 with Bitcoin and I've been into Radix since their eXRD token sale. I am committed to putting my own unique set of skills to the service of the community, such as developing a completely user-friendly website and helping people understand Radix better.
Just like Nathan, I believe Radix can make DeFi a cornerstone of tomorrow's finance. This very exciting perspective is one of the many reasons I am invested in this service!

Our great lottery…

The way our lottery works is pretty simple. 50% of the fees we receive as a validator go to the lottery fund and are redistributed to one lucky staker every 2 weeks.
Currently, Candlestake has been delegated 0.29% of the total stake. Our lottery redistributes 50% of our 2% fee every 2 weeks and we know 256 millions XRD are distributed each year to the stakers. Some quick math tell us that every two weeks, one of our stakers will receive 330 XRD, with current network speed and stakes! (It can actually be a bit more or a bit less, depending on the way the network behaves. Live prize data here.)
A staker's chances of winning the lottery are proportional to their stake, to ensure nobody creates several addresses to purposely rig the game.
The results of every lottery draw are public and absolutely reproductible.
Every other Monday at 00:00 UTC, every staker (and their respective stakes) of Candlestake are saved. If the prize is under 1000 XRD, there will be only one winner. Then, every additional 500 XRD of prize, we do another draw to add a winner. For a prize of 1,200 XRD, there would be 2 winners with both 600 XRD, for a prize of 1,950 XRD, there would be 3 winners with each 650 XRD, etc. The same address can win multiple times in the same draw.
The winner(s) is/are then determined by a custom random function, the random seed of which is the hash of the first Bitcoin block after the draw.
Using Bitcoin hashes as the seed of the random function offers two advantages: it is easily verifiable and it is really random. We could have used random data from the Radix network, but it was much more difficult to verify after the fact, hence the choice of Bitcoin where any basic explorer can show you the hash of the first block after midnight.

Lottery scripts and draws

Why you should trust us…

We've already said it: we are entirely devoted to Radix. We believe such a network can fundamentally solve many of the world's problems and we feel like it is our duty to give it all our support. We have the desire and the will to make this validator an uncorruptible beacon of the network.
Our fees are enough at current XRD price for our node to be self sustaining, considering our involvement in the project approaches infinity. However, we expect that in the long run, the rise of the XRD token will make our node much more profitable. We will always be able to maintain it and to protect it.
Last but not least, our hardware and software are rock solid. During the early periods of Betanet, then Stokenet, we have led extensive tests with extreme conditions on our services, and every time, the backup node took over the main validator node at lightning speed. Our remarkable performances since July 2021 speak for themselves. Our main node is hosted in Singapor, our backup node is hosted in France where we have permanent physical access to the hardware. It is therefore extremely unlikely for us to have any significant downtime.